Yay!  We are ready for your first class. 

Here is my contact information, I suggest you put it in your phone book so you can easily contact me.

I cant wait to begin helping you train your dog. And I want your classes to be spectacularly successful so here is information to prepare you for your first class. It includes
• a map on how to find my training building
• Tips for a safe and success
And Yes, homework (a video, a reading assignment and forms) to be accomplished prior to your first class.

Shocker, how evil of me, homework before your first class.

Step 1 - I need to understand your dog and evaluate its behavior.  Please fill out these forms asap as it will take me time to evaluate your dog and I want to have it done before class starts.

Stress reduction form
Issues with people form
Issues with dogs form
Misc. Information form

Step 2 - Down load and use this map to  help you find us.
Step 3 - Please Bring With You:
No Dog
Step 4 - Watch this video
Step 5 - Read this handout
Step 6 -If your dog does not finish its meals within 5 minutes - Download and Read "Money in the bank"and implement this now.
Step 7 - If you have not yet liked my facebook page, please, please, please click the link and like my Facebook page. The support in this group, the warmth, the connection is incredible and even if you are shy or prefer to be a lurker the amount of learning opportunity there is amazing.  So don’t forget, go ahead and click and like my facebook page.

Because the appointment before you may be me working with an aggressive dog
•    Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes early.

Arriving at Class
We value your time so we do start class on time.
Arrive 5 minutes early.  This is enough time to settle in but you won't disturb the class before you.

Ok, that is it.  I am here for you.  If you have any questions at all be sure to give me a call @ 541-603-6868 or e-mail me at debbie@humanedogtraining.com