Hi, This page will prepare you for your private training appointments.

Bringing your dog to class

Please Bring With You:
• A hungry and healthy dog
• A Bait bag for your treats (rapid rewards brand work best , big fanny packs may work.
• A Dog Poop Bag
• A favorite non-squeeky toy that is at least 12 inches long.
• A safe animal product chew (stuffed kong, large bone, rawhide, trachea etc.)
• A variety of soft treats that are more appealing than other dogs and people.
         1/2 to 1 c. cheese cubes
         1/2 to 1 c. cooked meat  (pork, beef, chicken heart or gizzards, sausage)
        1/2 to 1 c. Frozen treats you pick up in class

        no larger than a pea for dogs that are over 25 pounds
½ the size of a pea for a 12 pound dog
        ¼ the size of a plain m&n for 6 pound dog
Bring more than what you will use so you don’t run out

• An easy to carry Dog Mat – Size – all 4 dog feet can be on it when the dog is standing.  Large Bath mats work well. – This is not an item I sell.

Your dog wearing
 Its ID Tags
A 4- 6 foot leash or Loose Leash Walker - For safety reasons please do not bring a retractable leash.

And one of the following
A flat leather, nylon or cotton collar or
Harness or
Head halter
I ask clients to commit to never using a choke chain, pinch or shock collar because they cause pain

For Safety and success - Each Class

•    Please do not pull into the parking lot more than 5 minutes early.  You don’t want your dog to get stressed out waiting around.  If you are too early drive around.
•    park well away from other vehicles (ideally 2 empty spaces on each side of your car)

•    Leave your dog in the car until you are instructed to get your dog out, but do find the trainer and check in.  If the weather is too hot to leave your dog in a closed car, have your dog on leash and catch the leash in the door (so most of the leash is hanging outside). Then unroll all windows your dog does not have access to.

•    Avoid contact with other dogs & people unless you’re instructed to interact.

Ok, we are set and ready to go.  See you soon.