Begin Oct. 23 @ 6:15pm - Gaining Control

Begin Oct. 23 @ 6:15pm - Gaining Control


1.1 Gaining Control
Begin -
Wednesday 10/23 /2019 @ 6:15 PM 
Dogs 6 months and older
Week 1 is for people only
6 sessions, 45 minutes per session
Cost: $156 for the 6 classes

This is where you start your dog’s formal eduction. It includes Level 1 Real life training of:
• Calmness around dogs & people
• Listening & Obedience (loose leash walking, come, mat, stay, sit)
• Good manners (no jumping, playful biting, chewing things up)

Free registration to all lectures during your enrollment period
• Free access to my clients only Facebook page for additional support.

You’re a powerful part of your dog’s learning experience.  For this reason, your first week is without your dog to set you up for success.

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