Begin Aug. 24 @ 9am - Changing Emotions 1

Begin Aug. 24 @ 9am - Changing Emotions 1


1.1 The Changing Dog Emotions Program
Saturday August 24, September 7 & 14 @ 9:00am

Level 1 - 3 group classes (2 without dogs to get you ready - 1 class with dogs to evaluate them).

This levels program provides in-depth training to improve your dog's social skills using fun positive techniques.

During Level 1 you will:
• start training better leash walking skills
• notice your dog's overall stress level decline
• learn to identify and prevent situations that cause problems
• Establish the training games that will be used in level 2.

Your dog will be evaluated to determine the best course of action for your level 2 training. Part of this evaluation is forms you fill out, the other part is during the 3rd week of class.

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