We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games

5 easy steps to the registration process.

Step 1 - Double check that your dog qualifies for the class you are registering for
Step 2 - Read and agree to our policies and waivers
Step 3 - Choose your class
Step 4 - Fill out the application
Step 5 - Pay for class.

Great, let’ start Step 1 - this step is designed to ensure you are enrolling in a class that you can succeed in.

Do you & your dog qualify for this class?
• Based on past experiences at vet office, walks, in stores your dog won’t bark more than 2-3 minutes & can be quieted with food
• has not shown unfriendly behavior (growl, snap, lunge) with people or dogs
• Is free of intestinal parasites and other contagious disease
• You can provide proof your dog is up to date of vaccines with either 1. positive titer results or 2. a current vaccination certificate
• You can walk down a flight of stairs
• Your dog can walk down a flight of stairs or be carried down.
• You can hear instructions even if your instructor is 30 feet away.

No, you don’t qualify! That is ok, we still have training that is appropriate for you. If you don’t qualify because:
• Your dog will bark too much
• has shown unfriendly behavior
We need to work to change your dog’s emotions. Please see our Changing dog emotions program.

Don’t meet health pre-requisits?
If you don’t qualify because your dog is not free of intestinal parasites, contagious disease or you don’t have proof of vaccinations. That is easy, check with your veterinarian to resolve this issue.
Stairs or hearing
If you don’t qualify because of the stairs or hearing issues consider our private training.