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"Puppies who attend 2 puppy training classes prior to 12 weeks of age are 1.6 times less probable of having social issues as an adult dog". Rachel A Casey, Applied Animal Behavior Science, 152

For Puppies under 14 weeks their first week of class

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Begin any week, this class is on-going - Tuesdays @ 6:15pm

Owning a puppy can be such a joy but along with that joy is the shock of how much much this dynamic ball of energy can bring into our lives.

The Well-Mannered  Puppy Einstein classes teach puppies: 

• to not misbehave (jumping, playfully bite, have accidents)
• to have exceptional social skills
• and to follow commands both on and off leash

Puppies learn the emotional intelligence necessary to connect with you and the life long social skills necessary to make new friends and build self-confidence.

You will be amazed as you see your puppy learn new behaviors and blossom in our stimulating classroom environment all while having a ton of fun both on and off leash!

And the best part is all of this is taught using fun, positive reinforcement techniques so your puppy quickly learns:

• Other dogs, people and novel objects are safe and fun                   • Home alone, Independence and crate training
House training, to not playfully bite or Jumping up                          • Confidence Games and to be calm
• Dog and human communication skills                                                 • Puppy obedience - sit, down, walking on leash, coming when called
• The emotional stability to recover from fear and to deal with stress and frustration in a socially acceptable manner.

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Debbie, it’s been 5 years since we attended classes with Moose. Thank you so much for everything you do to help socialize dogs. We don’t see any signs of his initial fears, he is so confident compared to when we started class. He goes everywhere with us. Because of your help, we feel comfortable that Moose is going to relax and not be fearful in public. He is socially competent, better than most humans. Ha! Thank you sooo, sooo much. We have a true companion, thanks to you.
— Lisa and Spencer mills - eugene oregon

If this class does not work well for your schedule or you have questions Call 541-603-6868