We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games

 We offer 3 different Puppy Classes geared to meet your needs in raising a Well-Mannered puppy

Pavlov’s Puppy
Puppy Genius
Puppy Games & Sports

Each class cost $156 for 6 weeks
Plus you will get:
Free registration to all lectures during your enrollment period
• Access to our private Facebook page for additional support.

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 Pavlov's Puppy - Pups under 14 weeks the first week of class
Tuesdays @ 6:15pm - 6 week revolving class.  You can start any week.

You'll love seeing your puppy blossom as it learns:
• the all important skills necessary to live in human society
• beautiful manners
• puppy level obedience

And you will be learning:
• communicate effectively
• your powerful role in puppy raising process

And it will happen in a timely and efficient manner


 Puppy Genius - pups 14 weeks to 6 months old
Week 1 is for people only
$156 for 6 weeks of Puppy Genius class
Begin Tuesday August 27 @ 7:30pm

Has your puppy become more independent & mischievous?  

Puppy Genius class teaches your Teenybopper pup Self-control, polite greetings, Loose leash walking, mat training, focused attention and so much more. 

In this class your puppy learns calmness is an option.

Puppy training helped Meg
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Puppy Games & Sports - pups over 14 weeks to 1 year old
Pre-requisite - Completion of Puppy Genius or Gaining Control Class
Begin Tuesday September 17 @ 4:30pm
Do you struggle to keep your puppies mind and body occupied?  

Puppy games and sports teaches games that help tire your pups active body and brain. All games are age appropriate and safe for growing bodies. Some of the games are just fun while other games have practical application.

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