We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games
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The goal of our Puppy Einstein class is to
• reduce the chance of fear & aggression through quality socialization
• reduce your frustration by setting limits & implementing prevention.
• address puppy misbehavior
• begin teaching your puppy to follow commands

Owning a puppy is such a joy!

But along with that joy is the shock of all the work this dynamic ball of energy brings into your life.

Our certified, professional trainers make it easier & guide you through the process

For Puppies under 14 weeks their first week of class
Fee - $150.00 - 6 weeks of scheduled classes

Pre-Registration Required

Training your pup to be a dog that is welcome everywhere starts now

You will be amazed as you see your puppy learn new behaviors and blossom in our stimulating classroom environment all while having a ton of fun both on and off leash!

Puppies learn the life long social skills necessary to make new friends and build self-confidence.

And the best part is all of this is taught using fun, positive reinforcement techniques so your puppy quickly learns:

• Other dogs, people and novel objects are safe and fun                   • Home alone, Independence and crate training
• House training, to not playfully bite or Jumping up                          • Confidence Games and to be calm
• Dog and human communication skills                                                 • Puppy obedience - sit, down, walking on leash, come
• The emotional stability to recover from fear and to deal with stress and frustration in a socially acceptable manner.

Did you know "Puppies who attend 2 puppy training classes prior to 12 weeks of age are 1.6 times less probable of having social issues as an adult dog"? Rachel A Casey, Applied Animal Behavior Science, 152

Watch our puppy training video!

If this class does not work well for your schedule, give us a call @ 541-603-6868.  Lets see what other options are available.

 Meg Loves our classes