Ok, our private, positive training is a great option. Let me give you an example of how I helped a client with private training.

Bill wanted his young lab “Abby” to be well-mannered. I detected concern and irritation as he described how “Abby” still jumped on people, pulled on leash, did not come or follow other commands reliably despite efforts to train her. To help Bill out, I suggested  private training so we could get things under control.  With 30 years experience successfully helping owners modify behavior I could sympathize with Bills frustration.  I coached Bill through changes he needed make to better meet Abby’s needs, allowing her to be more sane. Helped Bill implement prevention strategies for those times he was not able to help Abby learn and helped them work through a customized training plan to teach Abby acceptable behaviors.

Our goal is make your life easier by changing your dog’s behavior!

Behavior Problems We Can Address
jumping on people
playfully biting people
destruction issues
Please note – dogs that get upset, are fearful, aggressive or anxious do not qualify for this program. Instead please see our Changing Emotions Program

Commands we can work on: 
Lets Go – nice leash walking
Go to Bed
Get it – retrieving
Off – get off furniture, counters etc.

behavior modification.jpg
It’s amazing I can take Monti anywhere and he is such a well mannered boy! Here he is sitting with me at Jamba Juice enjoying the sights. I can’t help but give you credit for teaching me how to read and respect my dog. Thank you!
— Susan Kunkle - Eugene Oregon

Our training advocates techniques that do not cause pain or fear and involves 
1. Meeting the dog’s need
2. Setting the dog up for success through prevention and appropriate training levels
3. Interrupting incorrect behavior without rewarding it. 
4. Teach the correct behavior using rewards and positive reinforcement so it is more likely to occur.

How it works 
You fill out paperwork and schedule your first appointment (at The Well-Mannered Dog) If you want training to take place at your house, please call to make special arrangements. During that each appointment:
• We work your major priority behavior during the session
• Every 2-3 days you send me update me through e-mail on your homework
• Based on the homework, I tweak the training between appointments (this save you tons of money)
• We schedule your next appointment only when it  when it will give you maximum success

Normal Fee - $100.00 for a single 1 hour consultation
Money Saving Option - $400 for 5 hours of my time
Travel Charge - $17.50 per 1-15 minutes of travel (if training takes place at your house)

When you are ready to get  started meeting your goals. Call 541-603-6868.