Policy on Cancelling or Rescheduling Private Appointments
At some point, you may have a true emergency (unforeseen circumstances resulting in a need for immediate action), it may be medical, a flat tire, really bad weather.  Under those circumstances by all means cancel your appointment.  It always helps to let me know the nature of the emergency.  Emergency cancellations will be rescheduled without any extra charges.

At other times, your appointment will be inconvenient (you did not get your training done, there is something else you want to do).  Please do not cancel your appointment.  Cancelations leave a 1 & 1/2 hour hole in my schedule, I can't fill the appointment or even do computer work because there is not internet service available in the basement. If you still need to cancel, Please go to this page to pay for your non-emergency cancellation.

In return, I also will not cancel or reschedule your appointments unless I have a true emergency.

Here is a list of appointment times that are currently available.  All you need to do is e-mail me the appointment time you wish to schedule for your appointment.

Other appointments will be scheduled once I have met your dog
Tuesday June 12 @ 4:15pm
Wednesday June 13 @ 4:30pm
Thursday June 14 @ 3:00pm

Tuesday June 19 @ 4:15pm
Wednesday June 20 @ 4:30pm
Thursday June 21 @ 1:45pm

Tuesday June 26 @ 4:15pm
Wednesday June 27 @ 4:30pm
Thursday June 21 @ 3:00pm
Saturday June 30 @ 3:15pm

Your appointment time will not be reserved until you complete the remaining steps.  Go back to your instructions on enrolling and finish the remaining steps.