We offer A number of different Dog Training Classes

Success with your training is dependent upon getting you enrolled in the correct dog training class. 

Ok, so lets get started. 

Which best Describes your dog?

People & dogs with disabilities
Difficult Schedules
Slow learners (your opinion)
Difficulties learning physical skills
People who prefer private training

Might bark once or twice and
Can be quieted with food and
Will relax enough to treats and
Will not be unfriendly

For dogs that
Need help with anxiety issues or
Bark Frequently or
Can't relax enough to eat or
May not be friendly or
Hide, show fear, lunge, growl, snap or bite at a person or dog

Training options at The Well-Mannered Dog
I recently took Cali shopping at a couple of local pet stores. She did great walking through the stores and parking lot despite the many possible distractions. The people working at the second store praised her for being so well behaved. Your classes have made something I never thought possible, a reality. The field trips we took were so helpful in building my confidence with having her in public.
— Amy Shadell