We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games

Foundation & Advanced Training

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Changing Dog Emotions Training

• not getting upset with other dogs and people
• Bark Frequently or Can't relax enough to eat
• May not be friendly
• Hide, show fear, lunge, growl, snap or bite at a person or dog.

Private Training & Consultations

• Prefer 1 on 1 help
• With learning or physical disabilities
• Have difficult Schedules

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Foundation & Advanced Training Classes are for dogs that

• may bark but only for a minute or 2 (success is dependent upon you being able to hear)
• can be quieted with food when they do bark
• are relaxed enough to eats treats in public (a dog that can not eat is too stressed to learn)
• don't growl, snap, bite or behavior in an unfriendly fashion 

You’re Welcome to visit a group class before you enroll At The Well-Mannered Dog, we understand blindly enrolling in a class, trusting that the class will be a good match for you is asking a lot and we do not expect that of you. Come visiting an existing class (without your dog) to check for compatibility.

The Proof is in the results, We deliver results

Amy and Cali love The Well-Mannere Dog training.
I recently took Cali shopping at a couple of local pet stores. She did great walking through the stores and parking lot despite the many possible distractions. The people working at the second store praised her for being so well behaved. Your classes have made something I never thought possible, a reality. The field trips we took were so helpful in building my confidence with having her in public.
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