We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games

 Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My!

Are you worried about how your dog reacts to other dogs or people? How do you if this is a serious issue that might get worse?

If you have questions about your dog’s social behavior our Lions & Tigers & Bears, class will give you the answers.

This presentation covers:
• preventing issues from getting worse
• understanding signs of stress
• how to start helping your dog today
• how this problem developed
• signs your dog is struggling
• training options to help change your dog's emotions.

For people only - no dogs will attend
Saturday Aug. 17 @ 10:30am
1 - hour
The cost is only $20 per household of 2 people

Nailing Nail Care @ The Well-Mannered Dog

Nailing Nail Care - Do you enjoy clipping your dog's nails or do you avoid it like the plague?

It's hard isn't it? It causes us to feel fear because we might accidentally hurt our dog. It causes us to feel guilt for not clipping nails on a regular basis and it causes us anxiety. On top of all that our dogs can be fearful, stressed out and equally upset about the process. This class covers:
• alternative ways to keep your dog’s nails short
• teaching dogs and people to relax with the process
• and some more great animal care games

Prerequisite - Gaining Control or Puppy Genius Class
4 weeks of class
45 minutes each class
Cost - $120 for the 4 classes

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 Join us for our Open House
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Join us for our Don’t Worry, Be Happy
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 Join us for our Food Toy Extravaganza
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