How is puppy training different that training an adult dog

The Well-Mannered dog Puppy Training / eugene oregon

At 8 weeks of age puppies can learn just as effectively as an adult dog.  There are only 2 major areas in which puppy training differs from training an adult dog and those what is being taught and how long we teach for.

With puppies under 12 weeks of age the major focus of training is socialization because this is the peak socialization period of the dog and anything we don’t expose puppies to during this period of time is harder to gain later in life.  But please don’t misunderstand and think you don’t need to socialize dogs after 12 weeks of age.  You do have continue socializing dogs after 12 weeks of age, it is just that it is easier to influence that puppy brain when it is under 12 weeks old.

Because the attention span of a puppy is short, training session of the puppy will be for short periods of time compared to an adult dog and we might have train in a more distraction fee environment with a puppy than with an adult dog.  Otherwise the training process is the same for an adult dog as it is with a puppy when positive reinforcement techniques are being used.

Whether you are doing puppy training or your own, attending a puppy class or training an older dog, training should be positive and avoid causing pain or fear for the dog.