Teaching dogs to walk on a loose leash

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Walking a dog that pulls just is not fun!

Meet Chloe!

When I first met Chloe, her owner Norma was very concerned because Chloe "pulled like a freight train" and Norma feared she or Chloe would get hurt.  Not to mention walking Chloe just was not pleasant.

Dog owners want the companionship and protection a dog provides on walks but don’t know how to teach their dog how to walk nicely.  So the dog stays at home and the owner looses the benefits of companionship.

But here's the thing.  You don’t have to have an unsafe dog. Even the most fervent pullers and can learn to walk nicely as the key components of not rewarding the pulling and making it to the dog’s advantage to walk without pulling are the same for every dog.

I am going to help you learn these rudimentary principles.  Owners of even the most dedicated pullers learn the following skills in our classes:

#1 take the edge off the dog’s energy playing retrieving games prior to going on a walk bringing the dog’s energy down to a sane level.
# 2.  They commit to not moving in the direction the dog wants to go if the dog is pulling or is about to put pressure on the leash.
# 3.  The generously reward the dog with treats when it is not pulling.
# 4 They move away from what the dog wants when it does pull.
# 5 They use a loose leash walker to speed up the process.

You can purchase a loose leash walker here.  

So I imagine you are wondering what happened with Norma and Chloe.  Well 3 weeks after they began training with me I got the following note form Norma saying

“I just took Chloe on a walk and she did not pull once. Chloe did so well and loved being at the river and she made no effort to pursue the geese. I feel Chloe is finally becoming my dog. She has actually become much more accountable for her actions and is very responsive, watching me for leadership at every turn. Distractions that once took her full attention now have become secondary to my requests. I love that I can depend on her now and enjoy her gentle nature. I am very pleased and I can see so clearly how effective your training is with her. Thank You Debbie”

Are you ready to experience carefree, confident walks with your dog?

You can!

Every dog can learn this!

You have seen the great results and transformation we produce.

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