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Chin Rests Rock

Trainers are just touching the surface of the benefits of teaching a nice solid chin rest.  With my own puppy, I use it to eliminate floppy puppy sits and have started applying it to jumping on people.  Although this one behavior is just now starting to be used in very practical and useful ways for training pet dogs it is proving to be one of the most valuable tools we can teach.

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Teaching your dog to come when called

Owning a dog that does not come when called can be inconvenient, severely limit the amount of fun you can have and be extremely dangerous.

Do you think these dogs can learn to come when called?

Neither is a breed known to be easy to train.

These owners must be feeling some degree of frustration, embarrassment or even anger with their dog’s behavior.  But they don’t have to.  Their dogs can learn to come when called and so can yours.

I am going to share with you the 5 principles we put in place to teach dogs to come when called.  They include:

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