Dog sports are fun

Dog Sport Class

Fee – Pre-Registration Required
$156.00 - 6 weeks 

This class is great for owners who:
• Want a stronger, more fun relationship with their dog.
• Want to prepare for a specific dog sport
This class will focus on:
• How to engage & motivate your dog through games and play
• Modern concepts of shaping and targeting to establish behaviors
• Hind end awareness (back up & pivoting)
• Nose and foot targets
• Platform training
• Wrap around
• And so much more

Applicable to
 agility,  Competition ObedienceRally , Rally Free , Freestyle Parkour
•And so much more

The Well-Mannered Dog, dog sports class is a blast
The fact that Wally LOVES you so much and can hardly wait to get into class to see you is very telling. I love that there is no fear or intimidation involved in your training which means a lot to’s certainly not the case in a lot of training environments. I appreciate your encouragement and watchful monitoring of Wally’s progress. You always seem to see his progress when I sometimes don’t and that is encouraging. Wally and I are both really enjoying our Advanced training. These classes are super fun!  See you next Saturday!”
— .Rhonda & Mr. Wally - Junction City Oregon