Our advanced classes and agility training are a hoot, choose from one of these 3 options

 The Well-Mannere Dog Distraction Class

Distraction Class 

Thursdays @ 6:15pm
Saturdays @ 10:00am 

Pre-Registration Required
See Fee Options and Discounts here

Walk With Me
Come Stay with Me

This is an ongoing advanced class that covers:
• distractions
• real life training scenarios
• prepares dogs for the Canine Good Citizenship test

 All this results in the amazing degree of compliance they are known for.

 Dog sports are fun

Dog Sport

Begin Saturday March 10 @ 9:00 am 

Fee – Pre-Registration Required
$170.00 - 8 weeks (this is a discounted fee)

Practical and fun skills necessary to:
•enjoy your dog
• participate in dog sports

It includes
• Positions – left, right, in front & behind
• Platforms for agility, obedience,  
• circles and spins
• jumps

Applicable to
 agility,  Competition ObedienceRally , Rally Free , Freestyle Parkour
•And so much more

 The Well-Mannered Dog agility training

Agility Training & More For Fun

Thursdays  @ 7:15 pm – Coming Soon

Fee – Pre-Registration Required
$170.00 - 8 weeks (this is a discounted fee)

Just like with kids we have our dogs participate in dog sports or other extracurricular activities because the benefits of such programs help them grow as a whole.  

Dogs learn: 
• better concentration
• gain confidence
• self-control
• enhances obedience skills
• & both team members gain increased communication skills.

All while having fun and it is a great way to exercise your dog.

 The Well-Mannered Dog, dog sports class is a blast
The fact that Wally LOVES you so much and can hardly wait to get into class to see you is very telling. I love that there is no fear or intimidation involved in your training which means a lot to me....it’s certainly not the case in a lot of training environments. I appreciate your encouragement and watchful monitoring of Wally’s progress. You always seem to see his progress when I sometimes don’t and that is encouraging. Wally and I are both really enjoying our Advanced training. These classes are super fun!  See you next Saturday!”
— .Rhonda & Mr. Wally - Junction City Oregon

Want to join in the fun but not sure if your dog qualifies, give us a call at 541-603-6868.