We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games
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Even sweet dogs can get a bit emotional at times.  I can help you with that. 

 Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My - A get started class 

The Changing Dog Emotion Program - a full training program to change your dog's emotions

These classes are for dogs that:
• get upset when they are introduced to new people
• get upset when they meet or see other dog
• are Tarzan dogs (have crude social skills) around other dogs
• get overly aroused or excited around dogs or people
• get upset when they go to new places
• get upset when they hear loud noise

I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  But I can help!

 Fearful Dog

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Are you worried about how your dog reacts to other dogs or people?

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh my class is the class that will get you started on the process to change your dog's emotions.  It covers:

• preventing this problem from getting worse
• a simple game you can begin playing today to help your dog
• how to know if your dog is in over its head or if you have a problem
• how this problem developed
• warning signs that your dog is struggling emotionally
• your training options to help change your dog's emotions.

This class is for people only - no dogs will attend
The cost is only $25
1 session - 1 hour long

The good news is your dog’s emotions can change & as it changes both you and your dog will.png

The Changing Dog Emotions Program

This program provides in-depth training to improve your dog's social skills using fun positive techniques.

During this training program you will:
• see an improvement in your dog's walking skills right off the bat.
• notice your dog's overall stress level decline
• learn to identify and prevent situations that cause problems
• Play training games that relax your dog so it forms positive, happy, relaxed feelings with the things that upset it.

• 6 group classes (45 min - 1 hour each) + some training supplies
• The first 2 classes are held without dogs present but you will be up, doing and developing your skills (the most important part).

Next class starts - July 21 @ 11:30am

Fee $275

Enroll early - we limited the size of class