We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games
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Even sweet dogs can get a bit emotional.  I can help you with that.

This training is for:
• Bashful Bowsers
• Reactive Rovers
• Grumpy but Great Dogs
• Dogs that become overly aroused or excited around dogs or people
• Dogs that get stressed out with new environments or sounds

The degree of emotional reaction does not matter.  The process for changing their emotions is the same whether they have just a little bit of a problem or they are deeply upset.

I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  But I can help!

The good news is your dog’s emotions can change & as it changes both you and your dog will.png

The Changing Dog Emotions Program

This levels program provides in-depth training to improve your dog's social skills using fun positive techniques.

During Level 1 you will:
• see an improvement in your dog's walking skills right off the bat
• notice your dog's overall stress level decline
• learn to identify and prevent situations that cause problems
• receive a complete and thorough evaluation of your dog
• Establish the training games that will be use to relax your dog and form new associations with scary monsters.

Level 1 includes 3 group classes (2 without dogs to get you ready - 1 class with dogs to evaluate them).

Level 1 - $156 - Saturday April 6, 9 & 20 @ 9:00am

Enroll early - we limited the size of class

Level 2, 3, 4 - Prerequisite - completion of the previous level 
Level 2, 3 & 4 is where we build new emotional associations.

Based on the evaluation, Dogs are divided into small, controlled group class or private training. Dogs works at a level that is appropriate for them & graduate to the next level when ready.

Level 2 - New Beginning of new Emotions - Saturdays @ 10:30am.
Your dog will spend 3 - 6 weeks at this level

Level 3 & 4 - Taking New Emotions on the Road - Saturdays 12:00pm

Private Training - See what appointment times are available

Level 2,3,4 group classes $275 per 6 consecutively scheduled classes.
Level 2 private training $450 per 6 consecutively scheduled classes

Enroll early - we limited the size of class