We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games


Ok, so it sounds like your dog gets a bit emotional at times.  I can help you with that. 

Some dogs get upset when:
• they are introduced to new people
• they meet or see other
• they go new places
• they hear loud noise
• they have something valuable and a dog or person approaches
• they are left home alone

I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  I can help!

 The Well-Mannered Dog, Aggressive Dog
 The Well-Mannered Dog, Fearful

The good news is the dog’s emotions can change and as it changes both the dog and the owner

  • gain social freedom at home and in public
  • have less stress
  • are happier and more relaxed
  • have an improved quality of life

Changing Dog Emotions Training is for dogs that get upset when they see or meet people or dogs.

Our training advocates techniques that do not cause pain or fear

How it works 
Training is a step by step process.  You start with private training so we can successfully relax your dog.  Each appointment takes you to the next step in the training process. After mastering the private training many dogs integrate into our group classes.  Private training takes place at The Well-Mannered Dog unless you make special arrangements for a different location.  Training includes:

• A thorough evaluation of your dog’s behavior
 Teaching your dog to walk beside you
• Identifying and preventing situations that cause problems
• Stress reduction strategies (for you and your dog)
• Games and play techniques that relax your dog so it forms positive, happy, relaxed feelings with the things that upset it.

$450.00 for 6 appointments
Travel Charge - $17.50 per 1-15 minutes of travel (if training takes place at your house)

All  training is extremely controlled  to ensure your dog can relax. 

Days and Times of the training 
Private appointments are offered on – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturday afternoons - To see what appointment times are available click here.

When you are ready to schedule your first appointment

Step 1 - Go to this page  Fill out your information and your dogs information 
This form will take your contact information and information about your dog.

Step 2 - Pick your appointment time
E-mail me the appointment time you wish to schedule for your first appointment from this list.  E-mail me @ debbie@humanedogtraining.com 

Step 3 – Pay for your training 
Click this link to pay for your training

Step 4 - More Forms
After you have paid for class fill out this form so I know what other forms I need you to filled out, and can plan your training.

Step 5 - After you have filled out the all the forms I will e-mail you information to prepare you for your first appointment.

It is my sincere goal is to increase your quality of your life while changing your dog’s emotions. Will you let me help you? Call 541-603-6868 if you have questions.