We offer dog and puppy classes in a group or private training format & use positive dog training methods, socialization and fun games
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Even sweet dogs can get a bit emotional.  I can help you with that.

This training is for:
• Bashful Bowsers
• Reactive Rovers
• Grumpy but Great Dogs
• Dogs that become overly aroused or excited around dogs or people
• Dogs that get stressed out with new environments or sounds

The degree of emotional reaction does not matter.  The process for changing their emotions is the same whether they have just a little bit of a problem or they are deeply upset.

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! -  a single class to get you aquatinted with this training.
Changing Dog Emotions Program - a full training program to change your dog's emotions


I know this problem is stressful and frustrating.  But I can help!

 Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

I understand through personal experience with dogs I've owned how frustrating and stressful owning these emotional dogs can be. You want to start by just getting some answers to your questions.

This is a single class that answers those basic questions & covers:
• preventing this problem from getting worse
• a simple game you can begin playing today to help your dog
• how to know if your dog is in over its head
• how this problem developed
• warning signs that your dog is struggling emotionally
• your training options & a description of the training process

This class is for people only - no dogs will attend
Saturday October 20 @ 12:45pm
The cost is only $25 - 1 session - 1 hour long

The good news is your dog’s emotions can change & as it changes both you and your dog will.png

The Changing Dog Emotions Program

This levels program provides in-depth training to improve your dog's social skills using fun positive techniques.  As you and your dog gain skills, you automatically advance onto to the next level.

During this training program you will:
• see an improvement in your dog's walking skills right off the bat.
• notice your dog's overall stress level decline
• learn to identify and prevent situations that cause problems
• Play training games that relax your dog so it forms positive, happy, relaxed feelings with the things that upset it.

Level 1 - class without dogs to develop your skills.
Level 2 - the beginning of new emotional associations
Level 3 - new associations, & getting generalization

Level 1 starts - Saturday October 13 @ 10:00am
Level 2 - Saturdays @ 9:00am or 11:30am
Level 3 - Saturdays @ 2:00pm

Fee $275 per 6 consecutively scheduled classes

Enroll early - we limited the size of class