Yippee, your dog’s social skills qualify it for group classes.

Ok, lets narrow your training options based on the age of your dog.  Please note, these classes are not suitable for dogs that have emotion based issues.  Those dog need to attended specialty training to address those issue first.

Which of these best describes your dog’s age?

The Well-Mannered Dog has training options based on your dog's age

Puppy socialization is your ideal starting point.  Right now, your puppy is in the peak socialization period.  Since socialization is so important and not something you can go back and get later in life, you want to start your training in this fun class.

beginning level classes.jpeg

Classes that address beginning, intermediate and advanced training.  

This next page will give you your last set of choices.  Yea!

The Well-Mannered Dog Sports

We also have Dog sports classes. Call 541-603-6868 to see if your Dog Qualifies