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Debbie Schaefer

Hi, I'm Debbie Schaefer, owner of The Well-Mannered Dog, LLC!

I started training dogs in 1974. In 1987, a local veterinarian suggested the community would benefit from classes geared towards the average pet owner addressing their real-life issues. That was the beginning of The Well-Mannered Dog, LLC, located in Eugene, Oregon.

Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Until recently, consumers did not have an effective way of evaluating a trainers ability. That changed through the organization of The Certification Counsel For Professional Dog Trainers. The certification Counsel For Professional Dog trainers provides testing and certification for trainers to ensure the consumer is receiving training from a qualified professional. All classes offered through The Well-Mannered Dog are taught by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who has been tested through a nationally recognized dog training organization. The test examines knowledge of pet dog training, learning theory, and handling behavior problems.

Our Guarantee

At the Well-Mannered Dog, we hold a strong commitment to quality service and promise each client:

  • honest professional services of the highest quality
  • to treat all dogs and clients with respect while taking into account their physical and psychological well-being
  • dedicated customer service
  • an instructor who will listen to what you need
  • an instructor who never recommends techniques known to cause pain, fear or stress
  • an instructor who continues their education to ensure you have the best quality training

Training Class Policies For Group Classes

At the Well-Mannered Dog, we enforce these policies to ensure everyone is treated fairly and so you have a safe experience:

  • People visiting class to determine compatibility are welcome at any time but are asked to leave their dog at home
  • A full refund will be provided if we cancel a class
  • A full refund will be provided if client terminates registration at least 72 hours before their first class.
  • If client cancels after the start date no refund will be given but the client will be offered private consultations instead
  • If you miss a class, you are welcome contact the instructor to find out what was covered.
  • People handling the dog in class must be capable of ensuring the safety of others
  • Puppy class, The Impeccable Manners Class, From Naughty To Nice Class, Special Events, Play and Train, Out and About and Agility class are for nonaggressive dogs. This means the dogs do not snarl, growl, snap, lunge, bite or bark in an unfriendly fashion.

Our Training Philosophy

I use dynamic, humane methods that employ the use of a large variety of rewards (food, play, social, and environmental) to teach dogs desired behaviors and removal of reward techniques for for mistakes or unwanted behavior. The dog gets information about what behavior is correct and what behavior is incorrect. Techniques that cause pain, fear or stress for the dogs (choke chains, pinch, shock collars or physical or verbal corrections) are prohibited. Many of the training exercises are in the form of games to make training fun. Although owners learn how to train their dog using positive methods, they also learn how to set effective limits and how to humanely change rude behavior.

It is very important that owners enroll in a training program that will successfully meet their goals and that they like the methods being used. To ensure compatibility visit a class before you enroll just be sure to leave your dog at home when you visit.

Thank You Debbie! We took Bingo to the park and he was so well behaved. He stayed by us no matter who walked by. We used to worry because he would go visit anyone new. Also if we have a snack in the living-room, he goes and lies down all by himself.
— Bobbie Dehart, Cottage Grove Oregon

My Accomplishments

Certified Pet Dog Trainer (2002 to present)

Professional Memberships:
Association Of Pet Dog Trainers (1998-present)

Certification Counsel For Pet Dog Trainers (2002 to present)

Speaking Engagements:
Popular guest speaker on the Lewis and Bark radio program in Lane County.

Regularly present dog training talks to veterinarians, humane shelters, pet stores and dog related activities.

Speaker at the 2002 Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Conference on getting owners to play with their dog.

Speaker at the September 2004 Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference, in Denver. The topics being covered are "Off-Leash classes" and "How to get owners playing with their dogs."

Volunteer Work:
Humane Society of Cottage Grove, Vice President, Education committee and Pet Therapy Committee (mid 1990's)

Chair of the APDT Member Relations and Services Committee (2000-2002)

Helped Greenhill Humane Society implement temperament-test for shelter dogs.

Established a training program for local shelters dogs that need extra help with training and enrichment (2013 - 2014).

Continuing Education:
1993 Behavior Rx The Art of Counseling Pet Owners 3 Day Course

1996 Looking At Aggression Seminar presented by John Fisher

2000 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference

2002 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference

2004 Chicken Camp- Discrimination Workshop

2004 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference

2006 Chicken Camp- Cueing and Criteria

2009 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference and Symposium of Fear and Anxiety

2013 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference

2015 Clicker Expo 2015

Other Biographical Information
I have lived in Lane County since 1986 and love it here. I share my life with my husband, Bruce Schaefer, who is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a thriving practice in Eugene, Oregon. My two children are grown now and living on their own, but a strong family connection still exists. In my spare time I enjoy jogging, hiking, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

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